At Big Apple Props, we can create custom props of your child’s favorite superhero, but not all superheroes make good role models.

Nothing can enhance your child’s birthday party more than a custom prop of the superhero they love the most. Unfortunately, in this day and age, not every superhero is someone your child can look up to. If you haven’t already, check out our last blog to learn about a couple superheroes that make the best role models for kids. The following is a list of the last couple of superheroes your child can look up to:

#5. The Incredible Hulk

Like many superheroes, Bruce Banner started out as a normal guy, but a blast of gamma radiation turned him into The Incredible Hulk during times of stress. Although he struggled with his powers at first, he eventually learned how to use them for good, teaching kids that they can turn even the most difficult situations into positive ones.

#6. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a great feminist icon for young girls and boys alike. Wonder Woman defends the world with her lasso of truth, which forces her captives to tell the truth and highlights the importance of honesty. Although she is one of the few women in the superhero world, she has an impressive sense of independence and strength, as well as her own personal code of ethics.

Although we’ve touched on many superheroes that make great role models for kids, there are many more out there, and our experts can bring them to life for your child’s next birthday party or event. Contact us today to learn more!