Big Apple Props Window Displays

Custom Signage & Foam Props for Your Window Displays

For the recreational shopper as well as the efficient one, “window shopping” became a popular term for the consumers that browse stores without going inside. Just like people judge a book by its cover, they can judge a shop or department store by its storefront and window display. Your window display can brighten up someone’s day, as well as be an incredibly powerful tool for getting a message across to your desired audience. Brooklyn-based Big Apple Props understands the importance of design and “pop” when it comes to designing 3D models, signage, and props, and we use cutting edge technology to create incredible window displays for our clients.


Affordable, 3D Modeling for Eye-Catching Window Displays

Our 3D modeling, rendering, and prototyping technology — along with our experienced team of talented designers and 3D modeling engineers — can make your idea, description, drawing, or 2D image come to life and fit perfectly into a window display to draw the audience you are looking for. Our rendering and prototyping process ensures that you can see what the end product will look like before it’s done, and once we have a 3D model, that makes it affordable to produce duplicates fast. Our extensive work designing 3D foam characters and props for Hollywood sets, theater productions, and commercial events creates a foundational knowledge that we bring to designing store-front experiences that piques people’s imagination and curiosity — beckoning them to come inside.

From simple, affordable window displays to extravagant storefront experiences that your future customers will never forget, Big Apple Props is the best custom 3D modeling and foam fabrication shop around. Contact us today for a free consultation, or check out our gallery, blog, and Instagram to see some of our work.