Our Technology


3D Laser Scanning

We can replicate any object in foam with our 3D laser scanning services. For example, our 3D laser scanning technology allows us to scan a toy car into our computer’s CAD program. The CAD program will process the information and send the file to our foam cutter driver. A driver is basically a piece of software that allows the foam cutter, in this case, to understand what the CAD program has put together for it to print.

From 3D Laser Scanner To Foam Cutter

The foam cutter then cuts a 3D model of the toy car as a life-size prop. The same thing can be done with a superhero action figure, 3D letters for a creative sign, or virtually anything you have a small model of that we can place in our 3D scanner. We use our amazing 3D laser scanner to recreate missing architectural components for restorations, scale up small objects for impactful trade show displays, and to make accurate face scans for 3D characters.

Custom Sculpture

When a computer isn’t necessary, we have some of the world’s best sculptors at the ready to turn a block of foam into an amazing prop, sign, character or even an entire environment. You will be amazed at the life-size art that our artists can create with simple hand tools. Our amazing artists make fantasy into reality everyday.

Whether your project requires the latest in 3D laser scanning or if it needs the creative eye of a skilled artisan, we have you covered at Big Apple Props.

We have an amazing gallery that shows off our stunning 3D characters, props, and models. If you already own a scan of what you need, you can upload your 3D scan or design for us to check out. Don’t worry if you don’t have an electronic file of your model, though. If you send us a description of what you’re looking for, we can get started on making your vision a reality with a free quote for the project.

Contact us today to see how we can liven up your next function with our 3D rendering services!