Big Apple 3D Modeling, Foam Fabrication, & Design Services

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Big Apple Props specializes in 3D modeling and foam prop design. Our expert team of 3D modeling engineers, digital designers, artists, and foam fabricators have decades of experience bringing ideas and brands to life. Whether you are a small business trying to get noticed in a busy public area or trade show, or in the marketing and advertising industry looking for a custom foam logo or sign job at a new exhibit or corporate event, we have the expertise and latest technologies to get the job done.


Custom 3D Foam & LED Signs

Bi Apple Props is a long-time industry expert in custom 3D foam fabrication and sign designs for clients in the advertising, trade show, show business industries, and many others. It’s important to know exactly how your message is being presented to your audience, and with our 3D rendering and prototyping technologies, you can have control over the design of your sign throughout the entire process. We have designed LED signs for art exhibits, larger-than-life foam displays and signs for corporate events, as well as foam signs for window displays in malls. Check out our work on our gallery and Instagram pages, or contact us today to get a free consultation.


3D Logo Design

Do you need a logo, or do you already have one, but need to make it pop on display for an up-coming event? Big Apple Props can help you bring your logo to life by taking your idea or digital logo and transforming it into a new 3D product on display that fits perfectly into your brand and message. If you have a digital logo, or even just a written description, we use our 3D modeling technologies to render a digital, three-dimensional object with exact specifications, which in turn will be used to fabricate a foam logo or LED sign. We can also use our 3D scanning technology to replicate three-dimensional objects into foam props. Contact us today for a free quote, or check out our work on our gallery or Instagram.