Custom Props & Signage for Trade Show Exhibits

There are times in life when being the talk of the town is a good thing. A trade show is one of these times, as long as the talk is about how great, entertaining, and informative your trade show booth is, and not the opposite. There are many keys to helping your trade show booth capture the imagination of the crowd and get the connections and potential customers that you are there to get. One way to be the object of attention in the tradeshow hall is to have great props, and Big Apple Props is the place to turn for custom props fabrication, signage, 3D letters, and any other item you think will help you have people spotting you at a distance and heading over to satisfy their curiosity.


Custom Props for Maximum Impact

Whether you need a 15-foot tall model of your product, a 20-foot comic book character, or an interactive prop that will have people Instagramming photos of themselves with your prop, we can make it. We use the latest in 3D rendering that enables us to scale up a small prop and to make your prop exactly how you want it. If your starting point is an idea in your head, our talented staff can first make a small model to make sure it will be exactly what you envision. Check out our props gallery page or our Instagram account to see some great examples of our work.


Signage & Letters for Clarity

We’ve all seen those booths that look great except one thing; it isn’t made clear who they are and what they are selling. This information needs to be clear to the trade show attendees from a distance. The last thing you need is people needing to come up and ask who you are because that is the last thing that will happen. A good sign can make a huge impact on the overall feel of your tradeshow booth. Great 3D lettering or a bold and impressive sign that captures your branding is what will get you noticed. Big Apple Props has years of experience in making signs and 3D lettering, many of which can be seen on our gallery page.


Printing & Banners for Mobility

Attending multiple trade shows can mean you are setting up and packing away your whole booth, often with little assistance. In these situations, you need something you can roll up and pack away that facilitates you setting up and breaking down your booth quickly and efficiently. A printed banner or smaller prop can be just the thing you need for a fast getaway!



Have some fun with an oversized character. Maybe there is a pop culture icon, real or imaginary, that we can carefully and artfully reproduce in foam or maybe your company or product has a mascot that we can render in any size you desire. Our character props, as with all our products, are finished with a durable coating that will have your prop lasting for years. We will deliver and install your prop too. Call for details about our service area.


To find out more about how custom props, 3D lettering, signage, and printed banners can help you make a splash at the next trade show, contact us for a no-hassle estimate.