Making a visual impact is important. For events and parties, it communicates the mood and underlying message of the theme. For businesses, it is essential because people don’t always take the time to read the fine print or to get to know a new company, but a visual marker, as part of an overall branding campaign, is essential for today’s businesses. We can help by providing custom-made foam letters and numbers.

When you need foam letters or numbers for your office decor, store, or trade show booth or want to splurge for a party for a loved one, you can turn to Big Apple Props. We have the artistic and the technical skills to make your vision a reality. Our services can walk you through the entire process, from initial design to safe delivery and installation of your prop, signage, or letters. We are conveniently located in Brooklyn and just 20 minutes from Broadway and Time Square.

Original or Replication

If you have a model of the lettering that you want to have, we can scan your model and use our CAD software and our state-of-the-art foam cutter to create the letters or numbers that you want. If you don’t have a model of what you want, parties can work with one of our experienced artists to come up with a sketch of what you want and when it’s finalized, we will go forward with the process. That’s the technology part of the process, but then the letters and numbers are handed off to the artists, and they are painted with skill and creativity.

Scalable Letters

We are capable of making letters of any size to fit any occasion. We can make small, tabletop-sized letters that are perfect for an award ceremony or wedding reception tables up to letters large enough to act as support for a large table, such as “LOVE” for weddings and baby showers. The line between 3-D signs and letters and numbers is fuzzy because, of course, our letters can be used as signs. We can make them suitable for outdoor use, too, just let us know what you want them for, and we’ll make sure to use the appropriate coating on them.

Let Your Creativity Run While

If you can dream it, we can make it! When you want your letters and numbers to make an impact—and who doesn’t want that? We can work with your to come up with a simple but stunning design that captures the spirit of the event or spaces you are going to be using them for. One of our favorites from recent days is a large number 60 for a landmark birthday. The large numbers were covered with copies of photos from the person’s life making the prop into a keepsake!

Combine Letters with other Foam Props

Custom props don’t need to stand alone! You can artfully combine some custom-made foam letter and numbers with any number of our other products. For example, we can work with you to plan a stellar window display using fun, custom-made props and letters and numbers to get your message across. Additionally, we will happily work with your event planner to get you just the right touches for your big event.

Call us today to get started making your dream a reality!