3D Model Making Brooklyn

Here at Big Apple Props, there are many reasons why people come to us again and again. Some are looking for single-use character props for parties, others want some special 3D prop for their wedding. And, of course, there are architects looking for perfect 3D models to show what the final building will look like.

But sometimes we get someone looking for that one-of-a-kind custom sculpture, something that they intend to keep forever. Often we’re talking about superheroes, fantasy characters, role-playing game heroes, or avatars from video games. These pieces are often characters that someone has put a bit of themselves into and want to have immortalized with 3D sculpting. We can make that happen, and they’ll have something to keep for a lifetime.

So, where are these characters coming from and going to? Let’s take a look.

From Your Commissioned 2D Piece

If you are really into your character, there’s a good chance that you have that perfect image of them in your head. There’s also a good chance that you’ve already commissioned someone to create a rendering of them. It doesn’t matter the medium, you can show it to us and we can translate it into a 3D customer sculpture. We can size it to go on a desktop or tabletop, or we can make it life size! Is your character 8-foot tall and covered in chainmail? No problem, because we can make them 8-foot tall and covered in (simulated) chainmail!

What if the character is only in your head? We’ll bet we can talk to you and find out what you’re looking for long before we commit it to foam.

From Your Art

If you’re a traditional artist, maybe you’ve already committed your character to paper, Illustrator, or Photoshop. We’d love to work with you to bring them into three-dimensional life, because we know just how much you’ll appreciate how hard it can be to translate a 2D image in 3D. We look forward to doing it with aplomb and impressing the heck out of you.

Where’s Your Piece Going to Go?

Most pieces we make like this are for the living room, proudly displayed on top of the bookcase or under glass. Many times they’re positioned right next to (much more expensive, smaller, and mass produced) Sideshow Collectibles or Hot Toys. Others end up at conventions, where an artist wants to draw attention to the comic book starring their character. Oh, and let’s not forget the office…people love to cover their desks with tchotchkes, but wouldn’t it be nice to have that one-of-a-kind piece that no one else could, or will, ever have?

Wherever you put your custom sculpture, people are sure to notice. It’s a great conversation starter, and an excellent way to put yourself out there and say “this is me, and this is the other me”!

If you have a character that you’re attached to and would like to see in full size, there aren’t many places that can help. Good thing there’s Big Apple Props! We’ll turn what’s inside your head into 3D reality, so contact us today for a free consultation!