3D Model Making Brooklyn

As we talked about in our last blog, foam is a great material to work with because it can be cut in many different ways so that it resembles different materials. Not only that, but our artists are also experts with finishes, paints, and shadowing that can give it the most lifelike look possible. Just how versatile is it? Let’s take a look.


Does anything say “plastic” more than a Lego guy? After all, even parents who try to avoid buying their kids “that plastic junk” usually give in because of the creative possibility associated with Legos. So whenever you want that plastic look, check out this Lego construction worker and know that we can make one for you!


Take a look at this sign we did for New York Vintage. Whether you looking at them online or are standing mere inches from them, they look like metal. The nice thing for the customer is that they were considerably cheaper to create than if they’d been made from metal, and because of the lightweight nature of the foam they’re much easier to hang (safer, too).


Bronze, you say? Isn’t that just metal? Yes, but then we paint it bronze! We can even add some green to give it that weathered patina as if it’s been in the open air for decades.

Stone and Concrete

Stone is one of the most convincing materials that foam fabrication can replicate. Cut foam naturally has a texture to it (well, as natural as foam can be!) that resembles concrete, and with the right cuts can be made to resemble the walls of an ancient castle, a cobblestone road, or a concrete fountain.


What makes wood look like wood? The grain, of course. We have many techniques for creating wood grain, including the use of fine-tipped cutting tools and painting methods that create that real wood look.


Let’s take a look at one of our largest and favorite custom sculptures we’ve ever done, The Incredible Hulk. Now we’ll admit that the green isn’t a natural skin color, but we think you’ll agree that he certainly does have flesh and that we’ve captured the look of that (bulletproof) flesh pretty well!


The texture of the foam can lend itself to some cloths, and we can sculpt it so that there are the perfect folds and wrinkles of cloth, whether it’s blue jeans or a character’s dress. Take a look at our Spiderman to see a good example of how foam and paint can recreate the look of a soft material.


Interested in a furry-looking, foamy friend for your party or shop window? Take a look at what we’ve done with this polar bear. Give the foam just the right cuts and you’ve got yourself a cute cub that looks great from every angle.


Who says that foam has to look like anything but foam? Silhouettes are a great example of leaving everything exactly as it is, allowing the shadows to play on the shapes.

Foam is incredibly versatile, and that’s one reason we like working with it so much. When you have that special display or character in mind, contact us and we’ll give you a free consultation on your project!