This is your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman down at Big Apple Props in New York City. They create custom props for a multitude of occasions and industries. Their artists can create the foam fabrication or custom sculpture for you. You will be amazed at the incredible 3D models they have in their sight. Here are just some of the reasons you would want a 3D model and the industries they service.

  • Give Your Advertising and Marketing Campaigns That Extra Flair – They make 3D signs and logos that’ll light your product or service on fire. Characters like my Avenger friends can really add a spark to events too. Hulk sell products. Get high Return On Investment. He likes it when we talk like him.
  • Make Film, TV, and Theater Performances That Added Splash – In addition to 3D characters and props that we create for performances, we also create themed environments, as well as stage and set designs.
  • Theme Parks and Attractions – This is certainly one of my favorite industries that they service. Roller coasters have some of the same physical effects on the body as slinging around NYC with spider webs. Plus, I love the themed environments that they create.

Once you see the 3D characters, props, and environments their skilled artists create at Big Apple Props, you will want to include them in your production or ad campaign.Take it from a guy who knows a little something about being amazing, the Big Apple Props artists will create exactly what you need for your production or event.