Hello Brooklyn,

This is your favorite neighborhood Spiderman again on the Big Apple Props blog, maker of 3D characters, props, and signs. Of course, one of my favorite pastimes is slinging webs around town and bringing in scum like The Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus. Plus, dodging Peter Parker, that pesky kid with the camera, is a full-time day job. Fighting crime and avoiding the press keeps all of us superheroes pretty busy, so there’s not much time for public appearances. However, we do see our likeness around town every so often thanks to Big Apple Props and their lifelike foam fabrications of us.

You are not limited to superheroes though. You can promote your hot dog stand, street music, bicycle cab service, or retail store – New York has a lot of tourists who don’t know what they’re doing. Signs can be very informative and insightful for these folks. Know that they want to read your sign and get the information you have that they need. Give them an interesting 3D sign to catch their attention. When you catch someone’s attention you have a great chance to earn their business.

As further evidence, I’m going to leave you with the words of one of their clients that wrote in to let them know how they were doing.


“AMAZING COMPANY!!! We have worked with them on many events and all I can say this is a very professional company. We Highly recommend them for any event!!”  …Read More