If you can dream it, we can make it! That’s our motto and, in some cases, we may already have made what you are dreaming of, and you can rent it! It’s a convenient and affordable way to get exactly what you want for your next party. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see out latest creations. One of our spring favorites has been the Moana party props. Having a party that celebrates this movie, which some say is the best Disney movie yet, is a fun way to say Happy Birthday to your favorite birthday boy or girl! In this week’s blog, we’ll flesh this idea out some and suggest ideas for your Moana themed party.


Big Apple Props as a Foundation of Party Decorations

We had such fun making our Moana props that you can rent we want to share them! We created cut out of the main characters that will set the tone for your party. There is, of course, the heroine Moana, Maui, Gramma Tala, Hei Hei the chicken, and Pua, Moanas’ puppy-like pet pig. All these characters can ride away to meet their destiny on our camakau, the traditional Samoan boat that the characters use in the movie. We also made a backdrop that is the perfect setting for photos of the birthday boy or girl and guests. And then there is the cart! Set out your snacks on this themes cart, with colorful fringe roof and images from the movie, as well as a  backdrop with the name of the lucky birthday girl or boy printed on it to personalize the snack cart.

Other Decoration Ideas

Tropical decorations are not too hard to find. Any party store has palm trees to pop up as decor and hibiscus flower centerpieces. Anything to do wit the tropics will work from parrots to leis. While it’s good to honor the unique qualities of Samoan culture, you don’t need to get too caught up in accuracy for a child’s party.

Food and Drink Ideas

Thinking up food and drink ideas for a Moana themed party is so fun! Fruit kabobs (watch those sharp ends for the very little ones! -Snip them off!) with pineapple, melon, strawberry and banana will please most kids. Again, with the melon, watch the very little kids since melon can be a choking hazard. A Moana themed cake, cookies, and/or cupcakes will be easy to find with this being a popular theme for parties this year. Instead of regular goodie bags, give necklaces of shells or imitation carved fishhooks, like the ones featured in the film. Kids will love them and parents will appreciate something kids can wear and doesn’t end up on the floor of the car on the way home from the party.

Moana Party Activities

If you are looking for ideas for activities for your Moana party, think arts and crafts! Arts and craft offer lots of chances to keep kids busy and happy. They can make their own Kakamora (the silly coconuts), or with a bit of air dry polymer, they can make their own Heart of Tafiti, or if you feel like going a little nuts, you can let them get out the glitter and sequins and decorate  a shell to make it “shiny!”.

If the guests are old enough, you could even have a necklace beading station for one of the party activities, so the kids get to make their own takeaway gift. To get the kids up and moving, try a Moana sing-along. Put the film on and set the setting to sing-along or subtitle mode and let the kids sing with the movie.

Food, fun and awesome rental props from Big Apple Props can help make your party a smashing success! Call us today to book your date!