Theater is the lifeblood of New York City. Located in Brooklyn, Big Apple Props is right in the center of this vibrant arts and cultural scene, and we’re thrilled to be included in the process of making these productions successful. Whether you’re managing a massive production full of Broadway stars that will draw in thousands of audience members or you’re a playwright trying to put on your first off-Broadway play, Big Apple Props can provide foam fabrication of props and other collateral that will take it to the next level.



Not all props can be found at a thrift store or put together by a stage hand. Sometimes you need a prop that’s larger than life, or perfectly sculpted to look exactly like the real thing. That’s where Big Apple Props comes in. Using our highly advanced CAD software program, we can take a tiny figurine, animal, or diorama and turn it into a life-size prop that will look great on the stage.



Need to represent the Statue of Liberty, Wizard of Oz, or maybe a famous landmark in your production? Big Apple Props has re-produced dozens of amazing characters for all types of events. We’ve produced characters like the Incredible Hulk, Olaf the Snowman, and even famous bridges.  



Maybe you don’t need an actual prop for the show, but just need something to put outside on the street that will make people stop and want to buy a ticket. Our top-quality printing services include banners and 3-D signs that are guaranteed to be show-stoppers.

Want to make sure your opening night is a success? Contact Big Apple Props to talk about our foam fabrication services.