When you want to say something, or announce your presence, one of the best ways to do it is with large foam letters. Big Apple Props can create your lettering in 3D sign from or to sit on a surface: we can meet your needs with one of our quality lettering projects.

Trade Shows

Whether you have your name in letters on the walk behind you or the keywords of the services you provide on the wall at the back of your tradeshow booth. Foam letters made to match your logo, and to send a message to your potential customers, is a great way to make an impression at a trade show. Our high-quality letters will communicate the quality that you will deliver your goods and services. We use 3D scanning and experienced artists to create your letters for you with precision and artistry.

Birthday Parties

Have the name of your special birthday boy or girl in bold 3D letters. We can match the letters to the theme of the party or have the words “Happy Birthday” created by us for you to use every year! One great idea we love for a birthday party is to have the closest friends of the guest of honor come up with three adjectives that best describe him or her, and have those words made into a 3D letter display. Or take the person’s favorite movie or book and use that as a theme for the party, complete with life-size 3D models of the actors or characters.  A 3D model of your child’s favorite superhero can double as party decor and take home gift!

Store Window Displays

Having a window display that gets people to stop and admire it, and maybe take a photo and share it, is easy done with the help of Big Apple Props. Get creative or outlandish and make your idea come alive with a 3D model, 3D lettering, or whatever great idea occurs to you! We can take your creative vision and make it a reality!

In-Store Displays

If you are planning a marketing campaign for your store, be it a mom-and-pop store or a franchise of a national chain, you can make an impact with a great in-store display. You can use both letters and 3D models to make maximum impact. If you sell shoes, we can make a large-scale shoe that is the trending style, if you sell books, we can make some of the characters in the best-selling books come alive with character models. We can make you the talk of the town, and with any luck, you’ll go viral!

Themed Rentals

When you have a big idea, but not necessarily the budget to commission a unique piece, be sure to ask us about our rentals. We have rentals that can work with many themes. We have wedding decor rentals that can add to the celebration of your love. Among other items for rent, we offer a Cinderella Coach, a “LOVE” table, an Asian-themed ensemble including a red and black pedestrian bridge, Asian columns, a Buddha image, and thrones. We have recently added a family of carnival themed props. The carnival props include an elephant and a strong man and trapeze artists with a cutout faces for great photos. You can easily personalize the party with one of our custom-made banners. Other themes available include “Sweet 16”, “Sweet Shop”, and everything you need for a baby shower.

If you are hitting a creative block with it comes to a party theme, check out our list of blogs for ideas. We will have some more great ideas coming up in the next few weeks as well, so be sure to check back! In the meantime, call Big Apple Props to see what we can do to make your party amazing!