3D Model

As a company, one of our biggest accomplishments is and will always be seeing a customer wowed by one of our creations. And as you can imagine there is no better setting for this than at a wedding.

Weddings are supposed to be memorable, they are supposed to be exciting, and most importantly they are supposed to be filled with “wow’s.” Sure, it’s every bride’s dream to walk down the aisle and drop the jaws of their guests, but why does the magic of the evening have to stop there? With the Big Apple Props, you can transform your special evening into a truly magically one.

We offer wedding prop services that range from guest book stations (like the one you see above), cake tables, centerpiece arrangements, backdrops, and even aisle runners. All of which can be custom designed by you! That’s right you can take any idea you may have in your head, any item you may want to replicate, or anything you may have seen somewhere on TV, Pinterest, or Google, and we will transform it into a perfect 3D piece for you to showcase  on your big day. And, with all these one of a kind, custom foam accents at your event, you can count on your guest being wowed for years after the ceremony has passed.

Now, we also never want to take away from the essence of “all eyes on the bride,” so we make sure that we do not go passed any specifications you have made in our consultations. We want everything to be perfect, not overwhelming. Give Big Apple Props a call today so we can start preparing for your big day!