Hollywood’s biggest night is coming! This year the Oscars will be held on the 26th of February. The broadcast starts at 7:00 EST and the host will be Jimmy Kimmel, so you know there will be plenty of hijinks and a fair about of celebrity roasting. And nearly everyone who is anyone will be there, with the notable exception of you, and your guests, of course. Watching the Oscars with friends and colleagues can be the event of the season. And let’s not forget the networking possibilities if you work in the industry. Fun, friends, and business mix in a glittering spectacle when you work with Big Apple Props! Now, we are not caterers or a concierge service, but we do have some great artistic ideas for an Oscar Watching Party for you to use this year, including our prop rentals and our custom prop creation service.

The Decor!

Big Apple Props can pump up the glamor with our prop rentals. We have made Hollywood themed props in the past and have some in our rental stock. We can also make custom props. If you want two giant Oscar figurines to flank the entryway, we can do that! We can make custom props to match the films nominated for the Best Picture. Or, if you have connections to the industry, pick a favorite and run with it as a theme, the natural choice this year is La La Land, which lends itself to Hollywood-themed decor. Or Hidden Figures that offers images of strong women, math, and the space race. It’s just too hard to decide; there are so many great films this year!

Red Carpet Photo Booth

Set up a red carpet for people to walk down as they enter and have a photographer on hand to snap photos of the great outfits, hair and arm candy. Having a photographer go around and let people pose as the night progresses can produce candid shots of your guests.

Have Your Own Host

The Oscars break for commercials, so this is your opportunity to have your own host. He or she can mute the television and entertain the guests with jokes, trivia, or a song.

Play Games

You can play Oscar trivia as individuals or as a team event, and you could make predictions about who will win the main categories, and the winner gets a prize. It would be easy to come up with a ballot. Here is a link to the categories and nominees. You could even have your own awards ceremony as part of your party.

Food and Drink

Champagne is the drink of choice for the night while a steady stream of bit sized appetizers will keep your guests happy and dresses fitting. We are sure that any way you can fit in star-shaped items, your guests will be delighted. And don’t forget that people are there because of the movies, so popcorn is always appropriate.

There isn’t much time left, so call us right away if you are throwing a party together at the last minute. The work that our foam artists do will amaze you! Ask about what rentals are still available and what custom props can still be made in time for your big Oscar watching bash!