When it comes to putting on a great show, getting the acting right is only half of the experience. The other half comes from the work done behind-the-scenes to bring the play to life. That includes creating an incredible soundscape, bringing the stage to life with great lighting design, and creating a world through props and scenery elements on the stage. If you are looking for custom props for your NYC production, come to Big Apple Props. Our Brooklyn custom props company has worked with stage productions big and small, creating the items and scenery they need for opening night.

Get started with us through a free consultation. This is when our team will discuss with you what you need and tell you how we can help. We can start with your sketch and have our team of experienced and talented 3D computer artists render it on the computer screen. Then, our sculptors and technicians use precise lasers to sculpt foam into anything you can imagine. From smaller, hand-held props to character designs to large scenic elements, there is nothing our team can’t create. We love watching the process of bringing a sketch of a prop to life in our Brooklyn custom prop studio!

Take a few minutes to browse through our online custom props gallery, where we’ve collected a number of pictures of projects we’ve worked on for previous clients. You’ll get to see examples of what we can do, and maybe be inspired by our work. When you are ready, give us a call! We’d love to talk to you about the custom props that you need for your next production. Call for your free consultation!