Let your creativity run wild! We can turn any idea into a 3D model for a display. We can custom make any prop you need for your display. We can fulfill custom orders for any window display, in-store display, and we can make your next trade show booth and display something they’ll be coming from across the trade show hall to see! In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about our process and some of the ways you can use custom props from Big Apple Props.

The Process

If you have a miniature of the item you want to be created on a large scale, we can use our 3D scanner on it and use a CAD program to make it as large as you want it. We have a foam cutter that cuts the object with impressive precision. This technology allows us to create anything your heart desires. If your idea exists only in your creative mind, we can help! We can create a model out of clay and then slip this into our high-tech creation process. We can scan the small model we create for you, and then use the 3D scanner and the foam cutter to make it with any size you want and any level of detail the creation demands. You can see photos of two window displays we’ve done here.

Window Displays

Whatever your service or goods are, if you have a storefront with a window, you can create a unique storefront display that will bring people to your window, and then into your store. Depending on what you are selling, you could have some great leeway to make a display that is funny, profound, or just clearly communicates how what you have to offer is needed by the potential customer and why you are best suited to provide it.

In-Store Displays

In-store displays can use humor, creativity, and intelligence to get your point across. You can use in-store displays to reinforce your brand or to bring attention to something you are promoting. You can have the prop or custom lettering as part of your permanent decor or as a something your pull out seasonally. The possibilities are endless. Whether you run a comic book store or a gourmet kitchen supply store, we can help you think of some fun in-store props to highlight your goods or services. We did a Shark Week display that was great fun. People could pose with and be silly. That made for some highly shareable images for social media.

Trade Shows

Trade shows give you the opportunity to make an impact. You can build new relationships that hopefully lead to new business, and you can strengthen existing relationships. We can make something truly amazing to make a great impression. You could make a large scale model of whatever it is that you sell, or a prop that evokes the feeling that your product produces. If you want to go with just letters, we can do that too. Custom lettering and signs are great for trade shows. You can make the most of any trade show when you have the props from Big Apple Props.


Call us to discuss your ideas, or see what ideas we can come up with for you.