When you need that special item but can’t seem to find it anywhere, you can turn to Big Apple Props. When people ask us what our custom props can be used for, well, we can quickly run out of time explaining all the amazing uses that our props can be used for. We’ll review some of the uses in this week’s blog.

Window Displays

When you are in charge of a window display for your retail store you want to make an impact, to get people to notice your store window and your products. We can help! We can make large-scale models of everything from spatulas to spoons. Our talented artists can make our custom props look like any material, from plastic to fur.

In-Store Displays

When you have an advertising theme for your store, or stores, using a 3D model for in-store displays is a great way to bring all the pieces together, get the attention of shoppers, and lead them to make a purchase! Check out our shark display we created for shark week.

Character Models

Not only do these well-known and beloved characters grab the attention of passers-by, but they add tons of fun to any event or display. And while they add tons of fun, they are light! Because they are made of foam, they are easy to transport and install.


We have lots of props that you can rent for all sorts of events to make your special day, even more special. From our Cinderella’s coach that is perfect for wedding or birthdays, to our Eiffel Tower for a French-themed siorée. We also offer a throne for a Gatsby party. If you don’t see what you want in our gallery, call us and talk to us about getting a custom-made prop.


Whether your character is a fictional humanoid like Spiderman or a cute polar bear cub, our talented foam artists can recreate your character, on any scale! For examples of our work look to our gallery and see Olaf the Snowman from Frozen, and Emmett the construction worker- turned hero from The Lego Movie.


Whatever your theme, whatever your desire, you can make your special party pop with a custom prop from Big Apple Props! Choose a cake, a skyline, a Ferris wheel or a throne fit for a queen. Our master foam artists can fashion just about anything you want for a special party. It doesn’t have to be a party, either. If you are putting on an off-Broadway play, filming a project for film school and don’t have time to make your own props, call us! Scheduled for a fashion shoot but need that one thing that will make it your own, call us!


Do you need a personalized, custom sign? Call us, and our master foam artists can make it for you! We can mix letters and images to create for you exactly what you want. If you are not sure what you want, we can help you figure that out too!

Foam Letters

Get your company’s name recreated as a 3D model for your next trade show or awards show table. Show off your name with pride! Check out the gallery of work we’ve completed for other clients. You’ll see names such as Nick jr., New York Vintage, and Monster Energy. You may notice the high level of accuracy in these works, and while we do have highly talented artists, these works were created with the help of technology. We employ a 3D scanner and CAD program to ensure accuracy. It is then cut by a foam cutter and decorated by one of your artists, They can recreate any number of surfaces, and are experts at faux finishes. For information on pricing, visit our lettering page.

Printing/ Banners

Many of the events that we make props for also need a sign or banner, and we can supply that too! Large sized banners and announcement for parties, events and special sales are easily within our wheelhouse of skills. We have the equipment to print backgrounds, banners, foam cutouts and more.
When you need a high-quality prop for your store display, a party, or any other occasion, you can turn to Big Apple Props to set your up with a prop that will catch amazing you, your guests and your customers.