If you are getting ready for your next trade show, you’ll know that your job seems clean cut, but you’ll also know that what seems like it should be an easy thing to organize, can turn into a logistical and design nightmare. Big Apple Props works with large corporations and small stores to come up with the best props to add something unique to trade show booths. In this blog, we’ll cover things that everyone should do to get ready for a trade show and take you through a few things that can help you stand out from the crowd. We’ll also point out where Big Apple custom props can help.

Give Yourself More Time than You Think You Need
Plan way ahead, and when you have everything perfectly synchronized, add more time. You need to assume that *something* will go wrong. Don’t schedule yourself right up to the last minute. If you want a custom prop from Big Apple Props, be sure to order early, so we have time to do the best job possible for you.

Know Your Competition
Do your research and know what your competitor did at their last trade show so your next display can be a response to that. Show the customer how the product or service you offer is better than theirs. Use social media to find out what they are going to do. They will likely be showing their hand, just as you should be advertising what you are going to be doing, offering teasers so that you are building excitement. Check out their social media pages to spy on them.

Use Humor
You know best if humor is appropriate in your field. If you can use it to get attention and get people coming by just to see the funny display, use it! This is one area that Big Apple props can help! We can use a small model of your product or an object that is associated with your product or service and make a large-scale version of it. Think of something clever, such as a play on words. If you need help to think of something, talk to us, and we’ll see what we can think of together. Of course, there are products and services where humor might not be appropriate, but you are the best judge. Sometimes, when dealing with other industry insiders, poking fun at something taboo or being inappropriate, without being offensive can be just the ticket

Swag ‘em!
No matter the industry, people love swag. Sure pencil and pens with your company name on the are fine, but those are bland. You want to connect this to your overall display theme and have it be something useful or pretty to look at. What your swag is depends entirely on your industry and your niche within it. You can use levels of swag too. For instance, anyone can have item A, but item B is given out only if the contact leaves their email info.

Make it Fun!
No one is going to line up at your booth just to get your pamphlet or see a video displayed on a laptop. You are going to need to go the extra mile. Promotional swag that can be used to win a prize at the end of the show, or a game that ties into your product or service, or even something as silly as a photo booth with a big prop from Big Apple Props could work to get people lining up. While they are in line, you can be making contact, get their info and start building relationships.

If you have a trade show in your future, call Big Apple Props today and let us get started on a show stopping prop!!