Getting ready for an upcoming trade show? Want to do something different this year, apart from the same old display and table? Check out these tips to help generate some ideas! If you are looking for a custom prop, display, foam character, or some other 3D model, contact Big Apple Props! Learn more about us and get your free quote today!

Integrate Social Media

Although trade shows are all about physical interaction and real face-to-face encounters, you still must take advantage of the opportunity to build your digital awareness. Whether it’s creating photo ops, pushing hashtags, creating a SnapChat geofilter, or something entirely different, make an effort to incorporate social media into your trade show booth.

Give Something Of Value

How many times have you been walking around a trade show and you spot someone carrying something eye-catching? Then, a few minutes later you see another person carrying the same thing, then another person, and without even thinking about it, you find yourself wanting whatever it is they have. There is an art to swag at trade shows. Spend some time thinking about how your business or organization can hand out something of value. 

Offer Specific Deals

We all love exclusive deals. Trade show attendees especially do. Offering special offers and deals will not only help close deals but it will also generate excitement and create an incentive for people to jump on board and to spread the word. However, it is important to not come off as too salesy when presenting your wares. Strive to find a balance between communicating your deals and not being pushy.

Demo Your Product

If you have a physical product, use the show to demonstrate its capabilities. While talking about your product and handing out brochures may seem like the most effective way to gain exposure, actually letting prospective customers touch and control your product is the best way to generate engagement and genuine excitement.

Think Big

At a trade show, thinking big can put you above the competition, literally. Building a booth that towers over your neighbors will get you more attention. Overhead displays, for example, not only make it clear who you are, but they also create intrigue, because they can be seen from a distance. If you need help thinking of ideas for a custom display, foam model, or custom sign, the talented sculptors and technicians at Big Apple Props would love to help! We love helping clients come up with custom solutions.

Create A Grand Trade Show Display

Investing in a durable and high-quality display — whether it be a custom prop, sign, or some other custom piece — can make all the difference. Looks do matter at these events and people judge books by their covers. When looking for someone to create your display, choose an experienced and talented team who can handle all of your custom needs. If you are in the Brooklyn area, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today for help with your custom props, 3D signage, logos, trade show exhibits, and much, much more!