3D Model Making Brooklyn

When you’re trying to come up with decorations for an event, window display, or trade show, there are many advantages to choosing foam for your custom sculptures instead of something considerably heavier. Let’s take a look.

They’re Safer

If you’re commissioning us to create decorations or foam props for a wedding or office party, there’s a good chance that people are going to be getting near them (as opposed to ones that we create that end up behind a window display.) And there’s always the chance that people at those events might have had a few drinks. When they go crashing through your decorations, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t get hit on the head with something heavy? (That is, until you decide to hit them with something heavy for ruining your decorations.)

They’re Easy to Carry

“Move it over there. No, now back to there. An inch to the left. Wait, a foot to the right.” When you’re decorating and want to get something in the perfect place, wouldn’t it be easier to move it if it were made of foam than if it’s wood, resin, or even plastic? Custom sculptures and displays are your most lightweight option when it comes to having a decoration in three dimensions.

And speaking of being lightweight…

They’re Lightweight

Being easy to carry around isn’t the only reason that the lightweight nature of our foam fabrications matter. This also makes them very easy and lightweight to ship. Packing up and shipping something light to a trade show can save you hundreds of dollars each way.


Take a look at this full-size Incredible Hulk we sculpted (of course, full-size has differed of the decades of comics, film, and TV, but let’s just say that this one was big!) Now imagine if it were of that high quality and made of resin, concrete, steel, or bronze (bronze would be $15,000, easy). Having it done in foam is the only way to achieve that level of detail in such a large sculpture while keeping the price extremely low.

Easy to Store

We recently wrote a couple of blogs about what to do with your custom sculpture when you’re done with it. You certainly don’t want to trash it, so you might put it on your desk or decorate your basement with it. But unlike heavier alternatives, foam fabrications can be safely hung from rafters or stored overhead in the garage. Foam sculptures are easy, or at least easier, to store than their weightier counterparts.

They Look Great

Oh yea, and they look great! We employ some of the best sculptures in the business, and they love to work with foam because of the realistic looks you can get from it. Properly formed and cut foam can look just like stone, wood, plastic, concrete, flesh, and cloth. In fact, if you ever go behind the scenes of an indoor attraction at Disney or Universal Studios you’d probably be surprised to see how much foam they use.

When it comes time to create custom props and sculptures, try something that’s reasonably priced and more lightweight. Contact Big Apple Props and we’ll get you exactly what you need.