This is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman back with you on the Big Apple Props blog. The world of 3D prototyping and 3D modeling is opening up to more users than ever before. When I’m not out catching the world’s masterminds of crime like Doc Oc, Green Goblin, and Kingpin, one of my favorite activities is to sling around and see all the lifelike 3D characters and interesting 3D signs here in Brooklyn. There are more reasons than any to utilize a 3D model in your profession, hobby, or residence. I would much rather see a 3D rendition of me than the guy in a Spidey suit playing saxophone outside Yankee Stadium after each game. Not that I mind his playing, but I can’t help but wonder why he’s dressed like me. We desperately need a musically-inclined superhero for that to emulate, but I digress.

Anyway, my point is to let you know how many different ways a 3D model, character, prop, or sign can make your life better.

  • Your Dream Home Awaits – If you are building anything–your dream home, a tree house, or a dog house–it’s an enormous help to have a 3D model of your project from which to reference, revise, and build. It helps you see the space you’re working with better and understand if you are cluttered, wasting space or if you are missing anything.
  • Nothing Livens Up A Party Like A 3D Hulk – The big fella knows how to bring it–have him bring the laughs to your next party or event.

Tune into the next blog when we discuss more situations that 3D characters, props, and signs can help you.