Halloween is just around the corner. If you have yet to pick out your costume and decorate your porch, now is the time. If you want to really celebrate the spooky season, consider getting some custom props and 3D forms made to scare trick-or-treaters or to be a frightening companion to your Halloween costume. The artists at Big Apple Props have the experience and expertise to re-create your favorite Halloween characters or bring to life the wildest, scariest creatures your imagination can conjure up. Below are some custom prop ideas to improve your Halloween.

Frightening Heads

Whether you want to add your foam heads to jars or scatter them on your porch (nothing welcomes trick-or-treaters like fake severed heads strewn across the yard), 3D heads can add the perfect creepy and gross touch to your Halloween party.


Anymore it seems that zombies are always in style. While this may be true regardless of what time of the year it is, this is always the case come October. How cool would it be to have some zombies attend your Halloween party? Whether you want to make your zombie foam models crawling, reaching out, or lurking in the shadows, this can be the perfect idea for a 3D prop this Halloween season.

Creepy Children

Few things seem to scare people like a demonic or possessed child or doll. Tap into this fear this year with a frightening model of a child. If you work with expert prop makers, they can easily recreate any of your favorites — The Ring girl, The Grudge…thing, or the twins from The Shining — as well as create a 3D model of your own rendition of a frightening child.


Want to give your entomophobiac (that’s someone who has a specific phobia to insects) a heart attack this Halloween? Let’s create some realistic-looking insects. From giant cockroaches to new weird insects that appear to be from another world. The great thing about these types of 3D props is that they can be used all year long to prank unsuspecting friends.

Body Parts

Ready to take your haunted house game up a notch? We’ve got the answer: fake severed limbs. Throw a little fake blood on these realistic foam models, and you’ve got a terrifying prop. Whether you put it in the snack bowl, emerging from the ground, or in your best friend’s sock drawer, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Need to scare? We can give you a hand — let us create some fake severed arms for you!

As custom prop makers capable of bringing your wildest ideas to life, we are more than ready to handle your Halloween prop making. From custom sculptures to window display props to classic Halloween props, the Big Apple Props team is ready to create all of your custom 3D props.

To get a better idea of our foam fabrication and 3D capabilities, view our gallery here and contact us today to get your free quote. Don’t delay — Halloween is just around the corner!