Once you get to a certain age, birthdays are just a reminder that you’re getting older, but for kids, birthdays are the best thing in the world. At a young age, some birthdays are arguably more important than others: turning 10 (double digits!), becoming a teenager at 13, turning 16 (time to get a licence!), and officially becoming an adult at 18, although many people would argue that doesn’t actually happen for quite a few more years. If you’re looking to celebrate a milestone birthday with an unforgettable party, the 3-D characters we make at Big Apple Pros are your ticket to success.

In case you’ve never heard of 3-D modeling before, or thought it was only something used by businesses and theater productions, allow us to explain a little bit more about what we do here at Big Apple Props. Thanks to our highly advanced 3-D laser scanning technology, we can make any, literally any, object out of foam. Let’s say your child really loves Thomas The Tank Engine. We could scan their favorite train figure into our CAD software program. Then, the CAD software turns the physical object into a digital design that can then be sent to our foam cutter driver. Then the cutter turns a block of foam into a much larger version of the train with all of the exact same details!

3-D characters are one of our very favorite things to create for birthday parties because they always get such an amazing reaction from the guests. Our amazing artists have turned many of the world’s most beloved characters into 3-D models that leave kids wide-eyed and speechless, from Spiderman and Olaf the Snowman, to the Incredible Hulk and Lego minifigure “Emmet” from the LEGO movie.

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