Remember when 3D movies were a huge deal in the past and are now an everyday thing for most American families. Now that we’ve got 3D viewing covered and developed, the industry is moving to bigger and better things. Big Apple Props, a company that specializes in 3D modeling in Brooklyn, is seeing the demand for 3D modeling and printing increase at a rapid rate. Entrepreneurs are seeing the advantages of 3D modeling maybe more than a lot of other industries and businessmen.

What could 3D printing and modeling mean for your small business? Consider these things: A gear. A Ball. A Cup. An electric car! While we can’t print money with 3D printers, we can produce prototypes for just about everything else with them. While the prices for 3D desktop devices drop by the day, entrepreneurs are now seeing 3D printers kick out something a big more tangible: business results. In fact, the average cost of a basic 3D printer has now fallen from $200,000 to $15,000!

Consider the little iPhone camera clip company olloclip. They’ve been able to use 3D printing to make a big name for themselves within the iPhone accessory industry. They were able to invest $50,000 in 3D printing for their iPhone accessory so that not only could they prototype their own products, but so they were also able to create mock-ups of the enigmatic rumored iPhones so that they could develop their clip-on lens quickly each time Apple releases a new iPhone model.

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