Hulk mad at 3D Models

This is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man again back to tell you about all the incredible ways Big Apple Props can use 3D models or architectural rendering for your next function. Just think how awesome that your next event will be when you have the Marvel superheroes there. Of course if 3d models of the Avengers is not your style, you can always have The Most Interesting Man in the world at your party.

One of the things we like to do on our blog is to answer 3D modeling questions that we get from our customers writing into our 3D models advice column.

Dear 3D modeling experts,

Our son’s 10th birthday party is coming up next month, and we really want to do something different for him and give him a party that he will remember. I know that you guys do really great 3D models and architectural renderings for events, but I am not sure what I need to do to let you know what we want modeled. Is there a 3D scan or 3D modeling software that I need to get a file to you? I am not great with a computer so I’m afraid if you need something highly technical that I probably won’t be able to get a file to you in a timely manner so we can get something made in time for his 10th birthday party. Can I bring by a model or a 3d representation of what we want? One of the things we were thinking about is a 3D architectural rendering of Yankee Stadium. He is a huge Yankees fan and would love a 3D model of the stadium. If you have other ideas about 3D models that you can turn around pretty quick, I would love to hear about those too. Please tell me that you have a way to help us. We really want our son’s 10th birthday party to be special for him.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.


Birthday Bash In Brooklyn


Dear Birthday Bash,

We absolutely can be a help to you as you plan your son’s big birthday bash. Basically how are 3D modeling works is that we can replicate almost anything with her 3D laser scanning.For example, if you had a 3d model of Yankee Stadium, we could simply scan that and send the rendering to our foam cutter for the 3D model to be built.  

We also have some amazing sculptors like internal block of foam into a dream. Their life sized art will absolutely stun you.  This process takes a little bit longer than scanning and printing a large 3D printer.

Basically, we don’t need you to necessarily have tremendous technical skills to get the file to add that we need. If you have a 3D model that we can scan, that is good enough.  if none of that is possible, you can always send us a description of what you want along with your email and will send you a free quote.

I hope this helped answer your questions. Thank you for writing into our 3D modeling advice column.


Big Apple Props