Here at Big Apple Props in Brooklyn, our 3D modeling is perfect for prototype models. Prototype models can help your product be more successful no matter what stage of development it’s in. Our 3D prototype models allow your business, team, and your customers to fully understand the product before it reaches final production. They’re great for photo shoots, your customer’s website, and trade shows. Today we’ll look at some advantages to using 3D prototypes.

  • Get A Preview Of The Final Product: A 3D prototype model can easily be an early representation of what your final product will look like and can be done to its exact dimensions, or shown to a smaller or larger scale depending on what you need. You can also use the 3D prototype to showcase the internal components of your product in the style of a cutaway. This is very helpful because it’s often the case that you don’t see what works and what doesn’t until you can physically see and touch the prototype.
  • Decrease The Costs Of Production & Development: When you can physically hold and see a product concept, you’re able to see flaws way in advance and correct them. This means that you’re greatly reducing your risks of the product failing when it goes to market, greatly reducing your costs of production and development since you won’t need to fix issues after the final product is produced!

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