When you first started your business, it felt like you were creating the impossible, right? Why stop now? Your customers want to see how your product(s) work and with Brooklyn’s premier 3D model making, we can help you do just that. We can help your designers imagine alternatives and help your sales force show customers products before they’ve even been built!

While photos and illustrations can be helpful, if you need to demonstrate moving parts, show the inside of the product, or be able to quickly explore alternative designs, then you need to turn to the leading manufacturers of 3D model making in Brooklyn: Big Apple Props. We go beyond the limitations of illustration and photography with our 3D models so that you can show your customers and potential clients exactly what they want to see.

Do you have a product that your customers want to see, but it’s impractical to photograph, doesn’t exist, or they want to see a different configuration or finish? Not a problem for Big Apple Props! We can change countless variables so that you can show different angles, finishes, configurations, groupings, and more without waiting on new prototypes and hand-drawn illustrations.

Does your customer need to see the inside of how the system works in your product? Not a problem, either! With our 3D model making, cut-away views create a whole new dimension and movement for your product.

Here at Big Apple Props in Brooklyn, our 3D model making offers the realism of photography with much better efficiency, while allowing you to get to the bottom line faster.