3D printing is something that has been looming on the horizon for several years and only within the last few years has it advanced to the point where industry leaders are able to say confidently that 3D printing is becoming a practical part of how businesses operate today. Here at Big Apple Props, your source for 3D modeling in Brooklyn, we’re excited about the future of 3D printing and modeling.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at how 3D printing and modeling will change businesses.

  • Products will be able to come to market faster. It’s true! Most people don’t realize that 3D printing and modeling has been used to create product prototypes for over 2 decades. However, this took time and could often mean new products took around a year to make it to consumers. 3D printing and modeling continues to open up rapid prototyping so that customers get the products they want even faster. This forces companies to make their production speeds faster than ever and those who can afford this technology end up with a distinct advantage.
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs. Massive entrepreneurial opportunities are arising from the cost-effectiveness and speed of 3D printing. A big reason for this is because of how many different types of industries 3D printing and modeling can touch. While in the past, entrepreneurs have had to take the time and money to produce a 3D model or prototype for an investor to look at, 3D is now much more accessible. This is opening up new worlds by providing entrepreneurs more chances to enter markets that were previously very hard for them to enter.