For most designers and creatives, conveying your idea while you’re in the process of bringing it into the world can be a difficult process. It can be frustrating to understand something so well and not be able to convey this understanding to others. What’s worse is that it can sometimes seem that, regardless of how well you articulate the idea, your audience still doesn’t fully understand it. And if they do, there is always the chance that what they’re imagining isn’t what you have in mind. To eliminate this indeterminacy, we use aides like mini models, digital renderings, and other physical representations. Naturally, the better and more accurate your representation is the better it is for you, the designer. In today’s blog, we at Biggle Apple Props would like to hone our focus on this issue and, specifically, on one particular type of modeling—architectural rendering.

If you are looking for architectural rendering services to help convey your designs, contact Big Apple Props. Our team of expert artists and technicians utilize industry-leading technology, like 3D laser scanning, printing, and sculpting to make 3D architectural rendering that will leave your audience flabbergasted by the quality and clarity of your representation. To make the most of your architectural rendering services, below are four questions to ask yourself.

What’s the intended function of my visualization?

Will it be your final display? Or will it just be a component of the conception stage? This is something you want to express to professionals performing your 3D rendering services. The answer to this question will dictate the cost of your project, the time it takes, and the overall approach.

Do I have a style or influence in mind?

As artists, we understand the importance of developing your own style. However, no one creates in a vacuum and virtually everything is derivative in some way, so if you have an influence in mind, let your 3D model makers know—it will help for a better final product. Expert technicians and artists will use your influences as a reference point, not the sole influence.

Have I asked about their process and how often I can check in for updates?

Shops that are comfortable creating 3D visualizations often love sharing their process with others. At Big Apple Props, this is absolutely true. We have a lot of passion for what we do, so when we get customers who want to know about the process and want to stay up-to-date on where their individual project is, we are more than happy to keep them updated. This is something you should ask when getting your architectural renderings made.

Am I paying too much or too little for 3D rendering services?

We’ve all heard the cliche, you get what you pay for. It seems that, by and large, this expression tends to hold up in many situations—rendering services included. If you’re choosing a 3D artist or shop based on their cheap price, know that their quality of work may reflect this. On the other hand, there is such a thing as paying too much. For the best solution, shop around, express your budget to possible studios, and go with whichever shop feels the best.

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