There are a lot of rumors about 3D printing and different people can tell you different stories. Here at Big Apple Props, a great source for 3D models in Brooklyn, we hear a lot of misconceptions about 3D printing. Today we’re going to debunk some of those myths in part 1 of a 2-part series.

  • 3D printing is only for plastics: It is only natural to connect 3D printers with ABS and PLA plastics as they’re the most prominent materials used in 3D printing. However, times have changed. 3D printers can now comfortably print metals, wood, resins, bio-materials, and even carbon fiber. It all comes down to filament technology, and this is a field that is developing in parallel to 3D printers. In fact, at an industrial level, metal 3D printing is the fastest growing segment. Not to talk about bioprinting with real cells.
  • You can mass produce guns with 3D printing. This is somewhat misleading. Yes, 3D printers can produce guns. Yes, for gun controlled countries these 3d printed guns are a horror scenario.But some facts: 3D printed guns will only last for a few shots (or one if you use plastic) with real bullets before breaking apart. They also don’t deliver a very powerful shot.
  • We can print human organs with 3D printers. The truth is that we’re still on the first tentative steps and no real human organ has been printed yet. Scientists are currently testing relatively simple organs in much simpler organisms of animals, so as far as this myth is concerned, we should hold our horses for now. The issue with organs, even more than with every other product, is the inability to effectively 3D print multiple materials at the same time.