3D Model Making Brooklyn

Do you like to get noticed? If you’re taking your business to some sort of convention or trade show, the answer is most definitely yes! When you get there, there will most likely be dozens, or even hundreds, of other booths that are all vying for the attendees’ attention, and every one of them will have signage and banners that look great when set up back at the office but fall flat when compared to all of the other booths there.

That’s where custom sculptures come into play. At Big Apple Props we can make custom props and sculptures made from foam that will grab everyone’s attention as they walk by. Here’s what you have to take into account when having us make you a 3D piece for your booth.

Make It Industry Specific

What’s your business about? Are you heading to a home show to sell roofing? Then have a foam-fabricated “arbor” with shingles over the booth in order to draw attention from passers-by. Do you sell kitchen gadgets? Get that 5-foot tall representation of your gadget that people will be talking about. In fact, you’ll become a reference point: “The drinking fountains are just behind that huge melon baller. Have you seen that thing?!”

Make It Business Specific

Does your business have a mascot? Is your logo something you’re proud of? Either way we can make it bigger and create a centerpiece for your booth that you’ll use for years to come. Most important, it will be in three dimensions. Like we said up above, absolutely everyone will have something 2D with their name on it. Anything in three dimensions is really going to get noticed. If you’re not sure what that should be, Big Apple Props can help you discover what will work best.

Making it about your specific product is incredibly important when you’re trying to interest someone in your intellectual property. Are you at San Diego ComicCon and trying to get people to pay attention to your art, comic book, or graphic novel? Get a full-size representation of the main character. Did you invent a new app and want people to notice? We can put the image of it on a 6-foot-tall foam smartphone so that people will remember your name and what you do.

Make It Big!

So, what do people notice? Big things! Have you ever seen an eight-foot tall spoon? When you do, do you think it’s something you’ll forget anytime soon? Big things draw attention, and it’s a great way to make yourself stand out from the dozens of other vendors. Again, we’re not talking about something that you use once and pitch; you’ll be using our custom sculptures for years.

Make It A Game

People are always milling about at trade shows and conventions, and the only thing that even has a chance to bring them to your booth is a bowl of candy (and not Dum-Dums, people, spring for something nice! We prefer bite-size Snickers). But engaging them in something active, like a game, can draw them in and draw a crowd. Do you need a 5-foot diameter roulette wheel that somehow factors into your business? How about a toss-across type game so that people can win prizes? We can help you create a game that people want to play and will keep your logo in front of them.

When it comes to conventions, we want to make your booth a destination, not just another booth in the convention center! Custom sculptures, props, and games are a great way to draw people in so that you can tell them all about your product or service. Big Apple Props can make it happen, so contact us today for a free consultation!