Trade shows are all about getting attention. You want to project your company’s personality while also attracting the attention of potential customers in a very crowded trade show hall. Our foam fabrication company has been helping companies stand out at trade shows for years! Here are some helpful tips you can use to make your next trade show visit a huge success:

  • Update your look. Banners and folding tables are the old standards of the trade show world, but they aren’t going to cut it anymore. Potential customers are going to cruise right by a booth that doesn’t offer more than a folding table and a bowl of candy.
  • Be engaging! Customers come to trade shows to find new products and services, but they are also there to be entertained. Use engaging decor and activities to draw them into your booth and keep them there. The longer they stay and the more fun they have, the more likely they are to buy what you are selling.
  • Get their attention. The trade show floor is packed with things to do and see. If you want them to stop at your booth, you’ll need to get their attention above all the other hustle and bustle.

How do you implement these tips into your trade show booth? Start with the overall look of your booth. You want it to look modern, be engaging, and get their attention, and there is no better place to start this process than with our foam fabrication. Our sculptors and computer artists can create virtually anything with our 3d foam fabrication system. If you can dream it up, we can make it. To see what we can do and get inspired for your own trade show booth, browse our foam fabrication galleries to see what we’ve done for clients in the past.

So what can we make for your trade show booth?

  • Signs. We can take your logo or company emblem and make it larger than life. This is not only a great way to attract attention during the trade show, but it will help customers who are already interested in your products and services find you quickly in a crowded space.
  • Characters. Have a company mascot? Want to bring a popular character from your product line to life? We can use our 3d laser modeling process to create an accurate model of your character that will amaze you and your customers. This is definitely an attention-grabber for potential customers! Use your character models as a photo opportunity–each share on social media is free advertising for your company.
  • Full displays. Let us help you design a display to showcase your latest product line in a way that customers will love. We can create something that’s easy for your team to set up with a huge visual impact!

Start with a free consultation with our team. We’ll get to know you, your company, and discuss how we can help you make your next trade show a total success. Give us a call at 718-865-8609 or contact us through our website today.