Welcome to Big Apple Props! We are a Brooklyn-based prop making company. We serve the wider NYC area including Manhattan and northern New Jersey. We are often contacted by party planners looking for props for themed parties they are putting together. Because of this type of conversation, we end up talking about party themes a lot around here, and as a result, we come up with some of our own. In this week’s blog, we’ll share with you some of the ideas we’ve thought of and some ideas for props that we could make in our custom prop department.


The idea of decades party is nothing new, we admit, but we like playing with the ideas we come up with and figuring out what props could be made to match the era being celebrated. Each decade has it’s own flavor and can be fleshed out into a party that will be an event to remember!

The 1920’s

This in is easy one! The novel The Great Gatsby,  by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is the perfect guide to the gilded excess that is the hallmark of the jazz-filled Roaring 20’s. The glitz and glamour of the 20’s can be articulated by several of our available prop rentals. We have a large champagne glass “fountain”. This bar-height table with a lip to help glasses has a prop of a magnum of champagne in the act of pouring the bubbly treat; it is suspended mid-air by the stream of sparkling wine. We have a large-scale backdrop that is emblazoned with the words “Great Gatsby”. This prop can be used as a photo booth backdrop or to frame the throne-like chair we also have available to rent.

The 1950’s

There are a couple of ways you could do the 1950’s. We could make a classic American car silhouette, big fin and all, or make it so it can be part of a photo booth. Big cars, poodle skirts, and the birth of rock and roll are all great things to use for a 1950’s themed party. But, there is another way to go too! It is common knowledge that after the Second World War, American G.I.’s stationed in Japan brought back an appreciation for all things Asian. Asian culture, art, and imagery could be found everywhere. We can bring that feeling back with an Asian-themed party that includes paper parasols, cherry-blossom decorated screens, fans, and Buddhas.

The 1970’s

Oh, this would be so fun to do! The first things that come to mind for us when we think of the 70’s are all the great films and TV shows we enjoyed (ok, some we’ve seen some only as reruns). The top grossing movies of that decade were Jaws, Smokey and the Bandit, Rocky, The Godfather, and of course, Star Wars! What fun you could have with these! A great white shark, a 3D life-size model of Rocky Balboa, or a photo booth prop of Burt Reynolds’ Pontiac Trans Am. For TV you could do a silhouette of Charlie’s Angels or a Six Million Dollar Man or The Bionic Woman model.


These are just a few of the ideas we had on this one theme. When you are stuck for inspiration or that perfect custom for your big event, give Big Apple Props a call, and we’ll work together to come up with the props to add fun to your party!