Did you know that color is one of the most exciting things in the world? Here at Big Apple Props, your source for 3D scans and model making in Brooklyn, we definitely believe it! Color can make or break a design, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising, as well as art, stage design, and much more.

Finding the right choice of colors is an art because everyone interprets colors differently. Therefore, the trick is about an entire selection. No color scheme is ideal or universal. There is no best palette for a specific social or cultural group. We have to understand the meaning of colors so that they can support our message. Colorful information affects the decision-making process with a surprising effectiveness.

The correlation of colors is key to their impact. Reddish-brown sepia tones refer to past and tradition, navy-blue combinations are associated with dynamism, while black and white in equal amounts give deeper expression to each other.

The simplest set of colors expresses thoughts without words and influences audiences. The choice of these colors should reflect your mission with strength and clarity, so that it gains the attention you want.

There are different kinds of colors. Through color we can control reactions and provoke behaviors. For example, warm bright colors like beige, yellow, pink, red, and orange are active, eye-catching colors with a friendly nature. They may be used to invoke feelings of energy or courage, or be used to visually enlarge and object and make them seem closer.