There are many companies that are now in the process of or have already completely moved from 2D CAD to 3D modeling in Brooklyn. Solid 3D modeling helps to shorten design times and cycles, speeds up product introductions, and streamlines the manufacturing processes by improving the product design information flow, as well as the communication throughout a company, its suppliers, and its customers. What does this mean for your business? It means high quality products and faster time-to-market for those products. This translates into higher revenue and decreased design costs: larger profit margins for your business.

Some of the other attractive benefits of moving to 3D modeling are:

  • 45% faster product design on average
  • You’ll better your chances of beating your competition and their product to market
  • Increase the effectiveness of communication between your suppliers and customers
  • You’ll be able to visual “what-if” scenarios during design
  • Create animations and renderings for design reviews and proposals
  • Increase the effectiveness of internal design reviews
  • Allow non-CAD people to participate in your design process
  • You’ll be able to easily add late design changes
  • Standardize details and drafting practices
  • You’ll be able to automate your design process while increasing accuracy and speed of output
  • Increase your response to customers and market changes

Here at Big Apple Props, our 3D production services help you do a number of things to streamline your business. Whether you’re an architect looking for to recreate missing structural components for an architectural restoration or you need to blow up a small object to make an impact at your next trade show, we can help you! Call us today.